Renewable Green Energy

Are Things Really Changing?

With all the focus on making the World greener, many of the young folks are making air turbines, bio-fuels, hybrid cars and other renewable energies a priority.

Are these the same young folks that are all too willing to throw an empty bag of McDonald’s refuse out of their car window as they cruise down the highway?

It just seems to me that there seems to be less ability to focus on multiple priorities when it comes to issues of being responsible World-citizens. Or perhaps more accurately, it seems that folks find it easier to focus on a specific topic without keeping in mind the overall rationale.

Current Knitting
First of all, I have to tell you about my tragedy for the week.

Don’t worry, I didn’t leave my lace project on a plane…I didn’t drop 300 stitches…I didn’t spill bleach on it.

I forgot my camera cable at home, so blog pictures will be difficult or impossible this week.

Which isn’t such an awful thing since I did very little knitting since the last blog post.

First of all, I had homework to do for a workshop at the upcoming retreat next month. I had to knit three eight inch squares…one in garter, one in stockinette and one in ribbing. The squares had to be knit in light or pastel, worsted weight yarn. Don’t ask me where I found it, but I had some old off-white acrylic yarn that I was able to make all three squares…god I hate knitting rib.

Speaking of which, I did more work on the Supreme Merino Possum wool sock (the spectacular yarn I got from James in New Zealand at a good exchange rate :))

Since I have a picture of the sock on my camera, but can’t get it to my computer, I’ve done a photoshop representation of the current progress of the sock (use your imagination people!):

Merino Possum Sock 04-20-09

I did no additional knitting on the Niebling lace since last posting, but I should be getting a minimal amount done this week.

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