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Decisions Decisions

My company was recently acquired by another firm and I’ll be officially an employee of the new firm on June 16th of this month.

Changing PC’s and Benefit Choices
Since my current project (both client and project team) will be the same despite changing firms, the look and feel of my job will remain pretty much the same.

Unfortunately, I will need to get a new laptop that conforms with the new company’s protocols. Of course, this means setting it up in such a way that I can do all the regular things I do on a day-to-day basis. It’s amazing how used to my current laptop I’ve become.

The other big change are all my benefits.

Since I set up systems for large companies to manager their benefits, you’d think this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it seems the more you know about this stuff, the harder it is to make good decisions. Just picking a new medical plan is making my head spin. Plus I have to figure out how much contribution I have already made to my 401(k) plan (this is a retirement plan for the non-Americans reading) so far this year and how much I can contribute in my new company.

So many decisions swimming around in my head…I need to start writing this stuff down.

Current Knitting
I started designing a new pullover vest this past weekend using the Impressions yarn I purchased from A Touch of Twist in Albany, NY. The yarn is actually fingering weight and I’ve come up with a pattern/color stitch pattern that I think will work. Here’s a bad picture of my swatch.

Impressions Swatch

I also started knitting the ribbing, but I’ve only done about 2 inches of it so far…1×1 ribbing on US1 needles takes forever.

New Yarn
I got the opportunity to play with a lot of new yarns from Crystal Palace at the Men’s Knitting Retreat last month. One of them, I knew I had to have, was Mini Mochi. One of the on-line suppliers of the yarn also carries my friend Carol’s yarns, so I ordered it from them…The Loopy Ewe.

Mini Mochi

Yes, I ordered a lot, but I REALLY love it. Here’s a closeup of my favorite colorway.

Mini Mochi Close

Not sure what I’ll do with it all yet, but I’ll figure it out soon.

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