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Mouse, Touchpad or Pointing Stick?

There are some examples of when I don’t adapt well to change….even though I’ve worked on a laptop for over a decade, I still can’t stand using a touchpad or pointing stick.

I’m Old Enough To Remember…
…when the first brought out the mouse, even before being in a Windows environment. I couldn’t imagine how people would want to use a mouse in an operating system (DOS) where everything (almost) was done through the keyboard.

Then, when they first came out with the “pointing stick” (the little nub below and between the G and H keys on the keyboard), I used that almost exclusively. It allowed me to keep my hands in proper typing position, so I didn’t have to keep repositioning them after mousing.

Then they came up with the awful ideas of having both a touchpad and a pointing stick, AND they added functionality to the pointing stick that allowed it to register a click by pressure on top of it.

My fingers were way to fat to have them make distinctions between various techniques, and I constantly found myself clicking and dragging or opening applications when I didn’t want to.

I now exclusively use a mouse and find it VERY difficult whenever one is not available and I’m forced to use either a touchpad or a pointing stick. Many Mac users tell me about the joys of their touchpad, but I can only imagine what fat fingers would do on one of those.

Current Knitting
I’ve made some progress on the Impressions Pullover Vest.

Impressions Vest 06-17-09

I must have been confused when I placed my order with A Touch of Twist because I think I’ll be needing a bit more of the main color and no where near as much of the contrasting color. But the yarn is very nice, so I’m sure I’ll come up with a use for the remaining periwinkle yarn.

Current Spinning
You may have noticed that I didn’t get a lot done on the Impressions vest…that’s because I split my time a little with my current spinning project.

Mohair Merino Roving

Mohair Merino 06-14-09

This is the most amazing fiber that Mindy sent me from Puff The Magic Rabbit. It’s a Mohair/Merino mix that is a VERY dark teal/black. I have already contacted Mindy to make sure I can get some more of her gorgeous roving.

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