Time For An Attitude Adjustment

I know when I’ve gotten to the point where I’m spewing bitter, hateful comments, and the entire World is annoying me, that it’s not the entire World that has to change, but me.

What’s the Male Equivalent of PMS?
I feel like I should be getting my period any minute now…sheesh.

I can’t even blame my foul mood on that fact that I’m bloated or having cramps. So, of course, that only leaves putting the blame on the people I come into contact with (or god forbid, take personal responsibility!).

Anyway…I’d love to sit and whine for another couple of hours, but I have a boatload of work I need to get done now.

Current Knitting
I think I’ve completed a total of 5 rows on the latest pullover vest project. Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately during the week.

Current Spinning
I have however, been able to fit in some spinning to keep at least some viable content ready for a blog post.

Mohair Merino 06-22-09

This is the Merino/Mohair from Puff The Magic Rabbit. The singles came out just beautifully. I really enjoyed spinning this, and I’m working on finishing up a previous spinning project that I think I’ll combine with this one. I have some gorgeous tussah silk on my Louet wheel that I’m thinking about double plying with itself and using the Merino/Mohair for a wrapped strand around it.

Not really sure it will work, but I’ll experiment with it this weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
JJ writes, “I don’t think there are enough Nico photos on this blog. How is his asthma? Did his Aerokat inhaler arrive?”

Nico is somewhat like Thaddeus, in that he hates his picture taken, and the few opportunities I have to take one, he refuses to let me publish it. However, Nico is doing great health-wise. After his holiday veterinary hospital visit, the prednisone and Albuterol seemed to stop his asthma symptoms almost right away. Unfortunately, he also contracted some kind of cold or flu whilst at said hospital which actually made hims sneeze and blow feline snot for about 5 days.

Thaddeus and our local vet decided that we should finish up Nico’s regimen of low-dose prednisone (taken orally) and see if the asthma symptoms came back. Since they didn’t we’ve decided to just treat any asthma on an episodic basis, and if they become frequent enough, put him on a daily low-dose of inhaled prednisone.

The Aerokat did arrive and we now have Albuterol on hand if/when he has another attack.

Here’s another picture of Nico next to one of his favorite things…food.

Nico 06-20-09

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