Penny Sidewalk

Change, Change, Change

Having just seen a penny on the sidewalk, I’ve decided that the smallest U.S. coin is now an anachronism that should be relegated to the past.

It Adds Up
Don’t get me wrong, Thaddeus and I collect our pocket change in an antique copper spittoon, and when it recently got filled to the brim, Thaddeus was able to go to our local TD Bank and get it changed into over $800 in currency.

However, it would seem that the value of the U.S. penny is currently so little, that the reasons to not carry them seem to far outweigh the reasons for keeping them in circulation. For instance, if I had decided to pick up the sidewalk penny from this morning’s walk to work, the risk of disease or sickness alone seems to make the poor penny better off left on the sidewalk.

Suffice it to say, that poor little penny was left where it was.

Current Knitting
I finished the first Woolcott/MKR sock (except for the toe-grafting.

Woolcott Sock 07-01-09

I modified the MKR sock pattern slightly to make the cuff a 1×1 ribbing instead of 2×2, and I used contrasting colored yarn on the top of the cuff and on the heel, which isn’t called for in the pattern (just the toe).

Since I plan on knitting a total of three pairs of socks with this yarn and pattern, I figured this was a speedy start for the first one. At this pace, I’ll have three pairs in three weeks.

Current Spinning
I plied up the Mohair/Merino yarn from the Puff-The-Magic-Rabbit roving, and liked working with it so much, that I ordered over a pound and a half of Mindy’s Mohair/Shetland blend and she sent a couple of lovely bonus balls of roving with the order.

Here is the finished Mohair/Merino yarn.

Mohair Merino Done 1

Here’s the new roving.

Mohair Shetland Green Roving Close

And the bonus balls.

Mohair Shetland Lavender Roving

I think I just need to put Mindy’s goats on retainer so I can assure a constant supply of this loveliness.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
John writes, “Queer Joe knitting a sock from the top down?? Say it ain’t so…”

I consider myself to be “bi” when it comes to knitting direction on socks (bi-directional). I have no issue knitting toe-up or cuff-down…I like them both for different reasons.

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