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With the internet and various other forms of other instant news obtaining services, I am truly afraid that folks will forget what an important role newspapers play in our liberty and democracy.

Worth The Effort
I love reading a newspaper. Whenever I travel, I always try and read local news.

But I know that not everyone enjoys it, and in fact some folks find reading newspapers a challenge.

It’s not easy reading…it’s not like watching television news…but you learn things from newspapers that can only be found there. Things that you need to understand about politics, ethical and civil rights issues and various other local goings-on that you will never hear about, even on local television stations.

If newspapers die out, the investigative journalism that they currently perform goes away too. This is the only kind of journalism that gets to the heart of important issues.

Start buying newspapers. Subscribe to local news journals. Read them every day.

Newspaper folks are always a lot more informed and active in local issues than non-newspaper folks.

Current Knitting
I got a bit more done on my current MiniMochi scarf…I’ll have a picture of it next blog entry.

Current Spinning
I finished up one of the bonus balls of Mindy’s Mohair/Shetland roving from Puff The Magic Rabbit, and couldn’t wait to ply it with the Black Bunny Fiber Corriedale/Cormo blend singles.

BBF Corriedale Cormo 07-27-09

BBF Corriedale Cormo 07-27-09 Unplied

BBF Corriedale Cormo 07-27-09 Plied

BBF Corriedale Cormo 07-27-09 Close

The first hank I plied was about 275 yards, and I have about two more of these hanks to make (but I first have to spin the mohair/Shetland singles).

I love the resulting yarn…the colors actually got deeper and smokier because of the color I plied with it, but I’m not sure what I’ll be able to make from 800 yards or so of yarn.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Angie asks two questions, “What IS on your recommended reading? I just stumbled across your blog and check it almost daily…any news on the orphan project?”

I love John Irving and I also enjoy reading a lot of classics that I should have read in high school, but didn’t. And, no news on the orphan project.

Sean asks, “Can you recommend a simple pattern for someone like me that has some basics but can’t handle the intricate stuff?”

Feather and Fan is always a good, easy starter option, but honestly, most stitch patters are pretty easy…it’s mostly just knits, purls and yarnovers. Keeping track of where I am can sometimes be challenging.

Maureen writes, “And I really like the scarf pattern so far. You’re just making it up from stitch dictionaries?”

Yes…I just took two Walker Treasury stitch patterns and kind of combined them (the eyelet ribbing is the first few inches and continues up on each side of some pattern I think is called Dayflower…but I could be wrong).

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