Crochet in Color copy

Inspired to be a Hooker

Sorry for the mundane crochet pun…although I guess it’s better than admitting I want to become a sewer.

New Book
I just got my copy this past weekend and I am very pleased.

Crochet In Color

Crochet in Color by Kathy Merrick is one of those books that takes crochet to the next level by showing you how it can be done in tasteful and interesting ways.

More than that, it inspires. I was inspired to take up the hook again and try my hand of some of the more interesting aspects of crochet because of Kathy’s book.

I must admit, I experimented with about five different crochet ideas that I thought would be interesting and awesome looking this past weekend, and they were all quite awful. So, it’s not quite as easy as Kathy makes it look, but the experimentation was quite useful. Each time I ripped out a failed idea, I got a better sense of how the crochet fabric is different than the knitted fabric, and how crochet mixes color very differently than knitting does.

I may just end up crocheting some of Kathy’s projects as they’re presented in the book…I love the cover jacket on the bottom and it looks like quite a fun and interesting project.

There’s been quite a demand for Kathy’s book, so clearly she has been able to do something not many other crocheters have been able to accomplish, as it is already the #10 selling crochet book on Amazon (at least at the time of this posting).

I imagine it will quickly become the must-have book for anyone interested in exploring their crochet side.

Current Knitting
I only worked on the Expedition pullover by Todd Gocken this past weekend, and I’m SO close to starting the chest/yoke of the sweater I can almost taste it.

Expedition 09-21-09

This shows about 13 inches of the 15 inches that I need to knit before I start doing the arm gussets and yoke patterning.

Here’s a look at the inside of the bottom hem for those interested.

Expedition 09-21-09 Hem

Hopefully, I’ll be up to my armpits in no time at all!

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Fiberninja writes, “Joe, what is the colourway of the merino/silk roving from A Verb for Keeping Warm? Could you give a general description of it’s colours please?”

The colourway is Chartreuse’s Sister and it’s a gorgeous combination of lustery silver, gray, pearl and of course, chartreuse. I can’t wait to see how it spins up.

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