Our Friend Fredda

I was incredibly fortunate to have gotten to meet and know an amazing woman…and she was amazing well before she survived breast cancer.

This is a picture of Fredda and Marilyn at Rhinebeck…unfortunately Fredda’s got surgery planned soon, so won’t be at Rhinebeck this year.

Fredda’s Race Has Been Longer Than Some
Over the years, Fredda has always contributed generously to the Race for the Cure in honor/memory of friends who have had breast cancer, but this one’s for her!

The past year or so has been very challenging for her; two lumpectomies, a mastectomy, chemo and radiation. She now has a cute haircut and as noted above, is scheduled for surgery.

fredda now

I couldn’t be more pleased to say I know someone that made it through this with such grace and dignity as Fredda.

If you’ve ever considered donating to this event, please know that Fredda is highly deserving to be your reason for doing so.

I know things are tough these days, so special thanks to all who can donate.

Current Knitting
I just flew to Chicago and completed three more repeats on the Mini Mochi scarf.

I’ll post a picture in the next blog entry.

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