Robin Spindle

Episode 2 – Rhinebeck Gave Me Wood

For the last few years, I have gazed longingly at nice spindles…both the Bosworth and the Goldings, but I never felt compelled enough to spend the money on one.

Love Affair With Robin
I got to chatting with Gil (the guy who makes Robin Spinning Wheels), and in addition to finding out that he’s hired an intern to help him turn out his amazing spinning wheels, he’s also started making the most beautiful drop-spindles. So I couldn’t resist buying one to complement my spinning wheel.

Robin Spindle

I should also note, that I didn’t get away from the Bosworth booth without some wood as well.

Bosworth Niddy Noddy 1 yard

Yes, I bought a 1 yard niddy noddy. I’ve been wanting a smaller niddy noddy for some of the finer yarns I’m spinning, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with one from Bosworth.

I got wood at Mel an David’s booth too…

Red Maple Scarf

If you ever got to fondle any of David’s Red Maple Sportswear things, you’d get wood too…especially if Mel and David were around whilst fondling. I picked up a pair of amazing feeling sports socks for Thaddeus, I picked up a headband for me (because hats make me look stupid) and I picked up one of the most luxurious scarves I’ve ever fondled done in a simple, but gorgeous garter stitch. Not sure who that’s for yet. If you ever get the chance to purchase something from Red Maple, you’ll be spoiled for life.

Other Things I Bought
At Yarns International, Ted made me buy a cone of Shetland Gossamer Singles.

Yarns International Shetland Gossamer

It will make an amazing lace garment.

At Skaska, Ted made me buy a Piecework magazine and I needed to buys some Merino/Silk laceweight because the color was amazing.

PieceWork Spring 2009

Skaska Merino Silk Laceweight

(see, it IS amazing…no?)

At Green Mountain Spinnery I specifically wanted to buy something from them, since they donate to the Men’s Knitting Retreat. They made it easy with their Green Mountain Green yarn this is a blend of fine wool and mohair that just glows and feels even better than it looks.

Green Mountain Yarn Close

I bought a sweater’s worth of yarn, and their latest book, 99 Yarns and Counting: More Designs from the Green Mountain Spinnery. If you order from them directly on-line, make sure they send one of their amazing zippered canvas bags with your yarn!

Overall, I couldn’t have been more happy with each and every purchase…no buyer’s remorse here.

Other Little Gifties
In addition to my purchases, I came home to find this little parcel of Canadian chocolates had appeared in my bags.

Canadian Candy

I still don’t know who I have to thank for this stash of sweets, although I’m pretty sure who muled them down from Canada and put them in my bag.

Current Knitting
I just started the final ribbing section of the Mini Mochi scarf…I should have finished pictures in my next blog entry.

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