The Perfect Coat For A Consultant

When you travel a lot, and go between climate zones and need to be prepared for cool weather, cold weather, rain and still have a coat that will go over a sports jacket or a casual shirt, there is no better coat than this.

Looks and Versatility
…No…I’m not talking about myself here.

This is the Barbour® Active Bedale Jacket. It’s a waxed cotton coat that is water resistant, and can be worn on cool and somewhat cold days. You can also get an extra hood and a zip-in lining that makes it perfect for rainy days or days that get quite cold. It’s very light to carry around and onto airplanes and can be crumpled up in a suitcase without getting it irreparably wrinkled. It also has quite a bit of pocket space.

Plus, it looks great in basic black.

It’s an expensive little item, and care for the coat can be a bit fussy…especially if you send it away to have it re-waxed, but it is completely worth it.

I can’t imagine how I lived as a consultant for years without it.

Current KnittingSpinning
I have been working on a new knitting project, but it’s still not overly ready to photograph…not even sure it’s going to work out at all.

So I did a bit more spindling of the lace-weight yarn from Black Bunny Fibers roving.

Spindling 11-09-09

I’ve started plying the two singles onto my spindle from Tilt-a-Whorl. The resulting yarn is coming out very nicely, but I have to admit, it take a long time to spin such a fine yarn on drop-spindles!

Catskill Area Knitting
For those of you in the Catskill area of New York State, there’s a Wednesday night knitting group at Mountain Bear Crafts. The store is located at:

8 Pearl Street
Livingston Manor, NY 12758

Say hi to my friend Van if you get to go!
Stop by and bring your current project for an enjoyable night of knitting.

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