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Knitters – The Nicest and The Meanest

I had the great fortune to be able to meet up with the “Presto Knitters” this past Monday (they meet in downtown Wilmington on Monday nights for anyone interested), and they are a great group of women. We were discussing how the on-line knitting community has introduced us to both the most amazing people, and the most awful people.

Clearly the Presto Knitters are part of the former group!

Social Knitting
As anyone who has ever observed me at the Men’s Knitting Retreats will tell you, when I’m around a group of knitters, I end up being WAY more interested in socializing than knitting.

The same was the case this past Monday. Here are pictures of the group.

Presto Knitters 1

I figured since I would only be going to this group once, I wouldn’t bother myself with learning names.

Presto Knitters 2

The one in the center here is devilishly funny…ask her about Flamingo Bob if you ever meet her.

Presto Knitters 4

The woman on the right is Meghan…I promised I would link to her blog, Running With Needles…you NEED to scroll down and check out the picture of her dog…she told me it was a chihuahua and something mix…can’t remember the other breed, but he’s a complete doll…so is Meghan.

Presto Knitters 5

The man in the corner was there for over 3 hours, completely surrounded by knitters and never once felt compelled to move to a quieter area of the cafe. I was astounded.

Presto Knitters 6

And finally, the devilishly funny one…I had to go all “paparazzi on her ass” because she was getting a bit too sassy. Although she did suggest a new video series, “Knitter Girls Gone Wild” where we’ll get a bunch of knitter women drunk and have them flash for the video camera.

Presto Knitters 7

It was a great time, and I was sad to have only discovered this weekly group the last week of my stay in Wilmington!

Current Knitting
I’ve almost doubled the amount of work completed on the new project.

Gloria Cardigan 11-24-09

Gloria Cardigan 11-23-09

Okay…so doubled isn’t so much…but once I get past the ribbing, I’m expecting the sweater to zip along.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Regarding the cardigan, Ron Huber asks, “Are you going to make set-in sleeves? And if so, how do you calculate them?”

Yes, the sweater will definitely have set-in sleeves. I usually calculate the set-in amount at about 10% of the width of the sweater. I then come up with the number of stitches to cast-off each row at the sleeve hole opening that will give it the correct looking shaping. In the case of this sweater, I will have to carve out about 2.5 inches which equates to about 33 stitches. This will end up being binding off 8 sts on the first row of the arm hole, 4 sts on the next 3 rows, 3 sts on the next 2 rows, 2 sts on the next two rows and 1 st on the next three rows…or something like that. If the result doesn’t look right, I’ll re-do it.

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