Thaddeus and Gage


Three anniversaries recently passed, and only one got any attention at all:

1. Our delightful little kitty, Gage died three years ago…Thaddeus and I do an annual mini-hike to where he’s buried…a beautiful wooded area that overlooks an estate on the Delaware River.

2. Thaddeus and I hit the 26 year milestone of being together in the middle of last month.

3. November 11th was my 7th year of writing QueerJoe blog.

Without Technical Help, I’m Useless
I am terrible at remember birthday’s anniversaries, or even simple scheduled events like doctors visits. I rely heavily on having software like Outlook remind me of such things.

Unfortunately, when my company was bought out this past June, I had to convert from Outlook to Lotus Notes…and I just HATE Lotus Notes (even more than Outlook!).

I still haven’t finished loading all my contacts onto Lotus Notes, and it’s been five months. I also haven’t been able to load all my birthdays and anniversaries.

I feel as though when I finally get all the data that I used to keep on Outlook, loaded onto Lotus Notes, I will probably have to convert to some other system!

Current Knitting
I’m happy to say that I’ve completed quite a bit more of my mom’s Christmas gift sweater.

Ravelry Link


I’ve made it up to the point where I have started shaping the arm holes, and I’m working both front parts simultaneously, figuring it will be easier to do the neck shaping on both sides, rather than try to remember what I did on one side when I finally make it up to the neck shaping on the second side.

Free Knitting Pattern Links
I’m sure web sites like this have been created before, but this one looked like a good list of the 25 best web sites for free knitting patterns, so I thought I’d pass it on.

25 Best Places to Find Free Knitting Patterns Online

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