Minute Xmas Knitting

I’m not usually one to be knitting frantically the week before Xmas, but I find myself doing just that this year.

No Room For Error
With my mom’s sweater, I am both shocked that I have left absolutely no time for errors and that I’ve not made any as I’ve been designing this beauty on the needles.

I also promised a family member a pair of FiberTrend Felted Clog slippers, so I have to fit that in with finishing the mom-gift.

Fortunately, I’m pretty confident I’ll get it all done, but I just can’t believe how closely I timed this one…not like me at all.

Current Knitting
I have sewn on the buttons, and finished the two sleeves up to the sleeve cap shaping. I actually had to give myself row-deadlines, such as “You can’t go on the computer until you’ve finished 30 rows of knitting.” It helped, because now I feel that the remaining knitting is manageable over the next couple of days.

Click here to view the most recent picture!

I’ll post a couple of pictures of the felted clog slippers when I get the chance.

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