Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts

ALERT! ALERT! – New Kaffe Quilt Book is Coming

I think Kaffe and Liza are the only folks that could have inspired me to actually learn to make a quilt top and actually finish one.

I May Have to Quilt Again!
Yes, Kaffe and Liza’s latest book, Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts is coming out in March and I fear I may be playing with fabrics again…they are so compelling and beautiful.

Liza warned me that this latest book was going to be even more amazing than previous books and it looks like that’s the case. I’ve already pre-ordered mine and can’t wait till it comes.

Hopefully Liza will have me over to start playing with fabric in early March.

Current Knitting
I just barely started the second felted clog slipper and did another couple of inches on the kid alpaca bed blanket/coffin cover.

No pictures, but I didn’t want this turning into a quilting blog.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Leslied asks, “What yarn are you using for your clogs? What’s your Felting Method?”

I’m using Cascade 220 and I felt by putting the slippers in a zipped pillow case cover into my top-loading washer with some detergent and hot water. I just keep cycling it back to the beginning of the agitation cycle until it’s felted and then let it spin out excess water.

Susan writes, “Just wondering if you do anything to the bottoms of your slippers to keep from skating across wood and tile floors. I’ve painted the heel and toe area with rug backing, but I’m curious about what others do.”

I don’t do anything, but even with lots of hardwood floors in my house, I’ve never had a problem…although my stairs are carpeted…it might be different if they weren’t.

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