Summer’s Here in PA

So glad to see the temperatures are going to be in the eighties this weekend where I live!

Warm Weather Friend
I have always much preferred hot weather to any other. And I truly hate the cold weather, and hate it more and more with each aging year.

Throwing on some shorts and a short-sleeve shirt today was my dream come true. I only went out shopping and to run a few errands, but I loved being out in this weather.

Keep it coming Mama Nature…you’ve definitely got a warm-weather friend.

Current Knitting
I got some more done on the fingerless gloves I’m doing as a thank you gift.

Fingerless Glove 04-29-10 Fingerless Glove 04-29-10 On

Finished the first glove and started on the second one (a few ends to weave in as well you can see!).

The pattern is a free pattern from Knitty called Broad Street Mittens by Janis Cortese. I’m not doing the mitten-top part, and I’m not knitting a full thumb as it calls for in the pattern. Overall, the pattern is very detailed and very well designed. The one issue I have with the pattern is that with all the detail Janis gives with the left-hand glove, she makes the knitter figure out the right-hand glove.

It takes a bit of figuring out too…but I still think the design creates an amazingly well-fitted glove.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Sue asks, “Will you be doing the same type of thing in your new job as your old one? How long were you in the old one?”

My new job is exactly like my old job, except with a different logo on my polo shirt. I will travel to client sites and help companies implement their systems. I was at my last company for only 8 months…they acquired my company after my company of 12 years went bankrupt. Fortunately, there is lots of demand for what I do, so moving between jobs was easy.

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