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Blogging and Working

Working can be such an annoyance when I’m trying to both blog about knitting (and about other things) and do enough knitting to justify a blog entry.

QueerJoe Blog Business
I was honestly surprised that so many knitters responded to the offer of the Barbara Walker 2nd Treasury. There were 27 people who asked to be considered for the book. Thirteen guy-knitters wanted the book, including the 8 year old great-nephew of a blog reader. There were folks that wanted the book for charity knitting libraries and others that have just always wanted the book, but didn’t have it yet.

I printed off individual slips of paper with each requester’s name on it and threw them up in the air above Nico’s head…letting him decide who got the book by choosing the paper that he touched first.

After frantically attacking the cloud of paper slips, Nico chose Darrell from Oregon as the lucky winner of the flea market book. Congratulations Darrell (who has a cat the looks like Gage and Nico). I’ll be sending the book out at the end of this week.

If I find any more copies of this gem, I’ll be glad to let folks know again.

Current Knitting
I am so close to finishing the mohair “mawl”…or at least finishing the initial mitered rectangle.

Puff Mawl 08-17-10

Since this is about six feet long, and knit length-wise (kind of), the photos suck, but I have to show SOMETHING! Once the initial rectangle is finished (less than 40 more rows of garter stitch), I plan on using whatever yarn I have left over to increase the width of the “mawl.” I’d love it to be at least 20 inches wide, but we’ll see if I have enough yarn left over.

I also did some additional work on the cashmere lace stole, but again, not enough to justify a new progress picture.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Janet writes, “Joe – if you do make it to the Seattle Retreat could you and a few of your mates please set aside a day for a coed knitting meeting. I expect to be back in Seattle soon and it would be fun to meet up.”

That would be fun. Since I’m not sure what my schedule will be yet, I’ll leave it up in the air. Last year, after the official retreat ended, we had a visit from Stephen’s (HizKnit’s) sister…she actually joined in the fun after it was no longer an official retreat, but she was a blast. I’ll see what I can arrange with the coordinator of the event or check my Seattle-based schedule outside of the event once it’s determined.

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