The Difference Between Conservatives and Progressives

The biggest difference I note between me and them is that progressives are inclusive and want everyone to work together, while conservatives are exclusionary (sometimes to the point of xenophobic) and want to only defend this country against outsiders.

9-1-1 Brings Out The Worst in Conservatives
How many times did you read or hear the words “God Bless America” this past weekend?

I had to struggle to not finish the rest of the sentiment from most of the conservatives that uttered or wrote those words…”and fuck the rest of the World.”

And that’s the difference between us.

I think that we should work together to have a country and a World that works towards peace, and they want to promote only those considered part of their world and defend themselves against all others.

It’s the reason the Pentagon and the defense budget have such huge amounts of our tax dollars going towards their efforts. We’ve worked so hard to isolate ourselves, that now we are required to reinforce our defenses.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are times when self-defense is necessary, but recent wars make it obvious why diplomacy or non-interference might have been a better route for our country.

Current Knitting
I finished up the sleeves to the Malabrigo Silky Merino pullover.

Malabrigo Pullover 09-10-10

And then I put it all together and knit up a reasonable facsimile of a collar.

Malabrigo Pullover Finished 2

Bright purple and all, even Thaddeus liked how this sweater turned out, and it’s incredibly soft and warm.

The guys at this year’s West Coast Men’s Knitting Retreat will get to see it this coming weekend, as I specifically wanted to finish this garment for the “show & tell” section of the retreat.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Cheryl writes, “There is an airplane mode on the nook. I am not sure how that works.”

Yes, that’s true, but you still can’t have on any electric devices during take-off and landing. That feature only disables the nooks searching function for wi-fi access.

Trevor writes, “Have you spent much time in Calgary? The Custom Woolen Mill near Carstairs is pretty cool, their old mule spinners are functioning antiques. They produce for several companies including Beaverslide.”

I’m so bummed I didn’t know about this sooner. I would have LOVED to have visited there. It looks like most of my time for the remainder of this part of the project will be in Edmonton, but if I get the opportunity to head back to Calgary, I will definitely check this out.

And finally, I’m not surprised to note that Horizon monitor’s it’s on-line reputation.

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