Queer is to Joe as Wonder is to Mike

WonderMike did another amazing job with this year’s West Coast Men’s Retreat. It was a fantastic time and the guys, both repeaters and newbies were inspirational.

Another Awesome Retreat
Ably assisted by Daniel, WonderMike organized a Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning retreat this past weekend in the Seattle area (Dumas Bay retreat center in Federal Way, Washington to be specific).

Great guys, great location, great workshops, great swag, but most of all, great community.

I’m tired as hell (because I’d stay up late and get up early so I didn’t miss a thing!), but it was well worth it.

Below are some random pictures from the retreat…I took far few photographs than I usually do…I just kept getting caught up in the excitement of it all.

If anyone’s interested in the next soonest retreat, registration is open for a short time only for the upcoming Midwest Men’s Knitting Retreat on Thursday, November 4th – Sunday, November 7th.

Current Knitting
For anyone who has attended a men’s knitting retreat with me in the past, you know that I hardly do any knitting while I’m there. I mostly just enjoy the camaraderie and joy of being with other like-minded guys.

This year, I knit a sum total of 3 inches of sock cuff in 1×1 ribbing, using the hand-spun yarn from Carol (Black Bunny Fiber) and the charcoal alpaca.

Hopefully, you’ll be distracted by the guy-photos and ignore the lack of knitting content.

Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat 2010 – Photos

MFKR Barth Jeff
Barth, one of our Canadian attendees


MFKR Brady
Brady from the Rocky Mountains
MFKR Daniel and Mike
Our mighty leader speaking with Daniel
MFKR Daniel H
The wind beneath Mike’s wings, Daniel!!!
MFKR Daniel Mike Rusty
Other Daniel with Mike and Rusty
MFKR Daniel
MFKR David
David (next to his love, Paul…they met at a Men’s Knitting Retreat!)
MFKR Frank and Brady
The two Rocky Mountain retreat coordinators, Frank and Brady
MFKR Franklin
If you don’t know who this man is, you are clearly not a knitter…close this window now…hi Franklin!
MFKR Geoff
Some of the guys just hanging out knitting
MFKR Harry Nigel
Harry and Nigel
John…delightful man

MFKR Kevin Keith
Keith and his tattoo (with Kevin in this last photo)
MFKR Kevin
Kevin…got to see his amazing shawl

Photos of Kurt with Stephen in the middle photo
MFKR Michael Kevin Morgan
Michael, Kevin and Morgan
MFKR Nigel John Daniel and Keith
Daniel with Nigel, John and Keith in the background
MFKR Ron Daniel squared Mike and Sis
More guys knitting and a guy’s sister!   Who let a woman in the room?
Ron spindling
MFKR Rusty
Rusty, our Southern U.S. contingent

MFKR Stephen
Stephen being his joyful self
Best photo I had of Tom…sorry
MFKR Veryl
Veryl…a wonderful newbie

Can’t believe I didn’t get photos of some of the guys, like Kiwi James…every time I sat with him, I was too busy gabbing to think about photography. And Joe E. wouldn’t let me photograph him…it was great being with him, even though he wasn’t feeling well.

Can’t wait till next year.

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