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Why Vote?

When the only choice in candidates are lunatics, hypocrites, Bush-wannabes and ineffective Democrats, it seems that voting is a useless activity.

Okay, I’m Back
If you read here, you most likely know the answer to “Why Vote?”

We have an enormous problem with the ever widening breach between the rich and the middle class, where the rich have grown in riches over the past 10 years, and the middle class has lost ground (with inflation added into the equation). It has been proven over and over that tax cuts to the rich are extremely detrimental to our economy, and most specifically to our country’s deficit.

Putting nut-jobs like Christine “Masturbation is adultery” O’Donnell or Meg “Illegal aliens are okay for me” Whitman into office is truly insane. Voting for Republicans who want to continue the Bush Jr. years of corporate thievery is criminal. Leaves you but one choice.

Please make sure you’re registered to vote and please make it to the polls.

I just got my absentee ballot in the mail this past weekend. I can’t wait to do my part.

Current Knitting
I finished the first Regia/Kaffe sock (with insert) and started the ribbing on the second one.

BBF Sock 10-04-10

I have to say, this is one of the most poorly written (or perhaps most poorly translated) pattern I’ve ever worked with. In addition to detailed instructions (bad ones) on how to do short rows and grafting, it constantly waffles back and forth on a standard size for the sock and a matrix of numbers used for a different size/gauge sock. I’m convinced I did the rounded toe completely wrong.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
FalconPharmer writes, “Joe- Have you ever tried the Houdini socks from Cat Bordhi? Or Kniyman’s Anderson Heels? I can do top down and toe up, but the short row heel and the increase’s from the toe up just get me!”

I’ve never done Cat Bordhi’s socks, but I have done the Andersson heel, which I like very much. It’s probably my favorite heel to knit, and one day I plan on re-doing his heel in cuff-down format. I kinda wish I had opted to do that with this sock.

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