Gay Canada Coming Out Thanksgiving

Happy National Coming Out Day

And for those Canadian readers, happy Thanksgiving day.

With an on-line moniker of “QueerJoe” it’s kind of a moot point, and at my age and the level of comfort I have with being gay, I certainly wouldn’t be considered an “at-risk” youth.

I Couldn’t Put It Better Myself
Sarah Silverman says it exactly how I want to, so I’ll let her.

Maybe, just maybe the Vatican might get this message? Maybe the hateful Christians will see just how unChristian they are being by demeaning gay youth?

Speaking of Which…
Please make sure you vote.

I believe that Obama needs a little more support to get done what we’d truly like to see happen in this country.

He hasn’t resorted to nastiness (although I would have a long time ago if I was sitting in his seat)…he just keeps quietly making progress in the right direction, despite being left with massive problems to clean up and empty coffers with which to do it.

Give him a Senate and a House that supports him for just 2 more years…it’s important and the country hasn’t needed so much help in a long time. Don’t weigh him down with naysaying conservatives who are only out for themselves, despite what they say publicly.

Current Knitting
Finally got through the ribbing on the second sock, and turned the heel.

BBF Sock 10-11-10jpg

Almost to the the toe, and then the insert. Still quite amazed that I knot only spun this yarn with such a color repeat, but that the repeat is such a close match in each sock.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Barb B. asks, “Do you cut up your food, then eat with your right hand? or cut and eat using the fork in the left?”

I always cut my food and then eat with my right hand…the correct way. Not sure which is the Canadian way.

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