Pet Peeves Airport

Do I Have Too Many Pet Peeves?

It seems that some days I walk around like an annoyance waiting to happen.

Out of My Way Asshole!
I can’t walk through airports anymore without becoming completely annoyed.

If it’s not the idiot who has to chat with 10 of his best friends right at the end of the jetway or right in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, it’s the moron who slows down to a lithium-shuffle as soon as the BlackBerry or iPhone comes out. Or maybe it’s the clueless parents and their three little darlings that insist on walking through the airport side-by-side. Or the British-wannabe nimrods who insist on walking on the left side of the walkway with three pieces of bulky roller-luggage. Perhaps as annoying is the crowd of people waiting to board their plane that insists on blocking the entire walkway because they’re terrified someone will get on the plane before them. Or the person that stands in the middle of the corridor trying to make sense of the arrival/departure board.

There seems to be no end to the number of irksome people in airports these days, and these are just examples of people getting in my way.

Never mind the loud cellphone talkers, or the people the feel justified sitting in the seats for people with a handicap, or the jerks who think it’s not littering if they drop their refuse on the floor next their seat…oh shit…I’m exhausted and annoyed again.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I finished up the first ball of acrylic yarn on the scarf for a project team member.

Nettie Scarf 10-31-10

She’s brought in a few more balls of the yarn, so I will finish the scarf, and I’ll also probably have enough yarn left over to make a matching hat. We’ll see.

I also did some small amount of work on the crochet scarf, and I swatched for a new sweater design. I’m thinking about doing another zippered jacket using yarn I bought from Green Mountain Spinnery last year at Rhinebeck, but I’m not sure I like the swatch enough.

I’ll put of photos if I decide to continue.

Flea Market Finds
One of my favorite flea market vendors had a big box of finished and unfinished crocheted afghans this past weekend, and while the afghans held no appeal at all, I knew there was going to be some crochet hooks somewhere in the mess.

Doily Stretcher

Sorry for the lousy photograph, but this is a “Doily Stretcher” board from Sears & Roebuck, a set of plastic crochet hooks and 4 very fine steel crochet hooks. For five dollars, I had to have them all.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Janeyknitting writes, “Ooohh, that is sooo pretty! The acrylic mohair scarf on the bright red plastic knitting needles.
Care to divulge the pattern?”

On 7.5MM needles, I cast on 19 sts. and work the following 2 rows:

Row 1: Sl1 as if to purl, K2, P1, *K3, P1* rep between * 2 more times, K3
Row 2: Sl1 as if to purl, purl to end

In essence, it’s a 3×1 broken rib with a slipped stitch selvage.

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