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Much Excitement in QueerJoe-Land

In addition to loving his current yarn projects, he’s also started a new facial-care regimen and is hoping for quick results to make him look 25 again!

A Daily Regimen Only a Gay Man Would Be Excited About
Up until recently, I have been trying to ward off wrinkles and aging spots on my face with as little effort and expense as possible.

Boy, when I say I tend toward extremes…this is a perfect example!

My friend Joe (aka Knitguyla) happens to manage a spa, and I asked him to recommend a facial-care regimen for me. It felt like I was asking a doctor to diagnose a spot on my body, but Joe was quite helpful.

He recommended a line of skin care products by Epicuren.

First he recommended Epicuren Herbal Cleanser as a good basic cleanser for semi-dry skin. Then he recommended Protein Mist Enzyme Toner. For a moisturizer we went with Facial Emulsion and finally Eye Alive
to help with the real problem area.

Epicuren Herbal Cleanser 4.oz (4 oz) Epicuren Protein Mist Enzyme Activated Toner (4 oz) Epicuren Facial Emulsion (4 oz) Epicuren Eye Alive Serum (0.5 oz)

I just started the regimen today, and overall, I’m quite pleased. I love the toner…it feels great on my skin. But before I started, I took a number of close-up pictures of my face, so I can do before/after comparisons. I may even share the photos with readers.

Current Knitting
I decided that I would re-do the crochet lace spats for my nieces. I thought they needed to be a bit wider and a bit longer. When I have two pairs re-completed with bows and snaps, I’ll post photos.

I also am almost completely finished with the body of the zippered cardigan.

Felted Tweed Cardigan 12-03-10

You can see I only have the neck shaping left on the right side of the sweater (left side of the photo).  I’m not going to sew in the center panels until I’ve sewn in the zipper.

I’m truly loving this project, mostly because of the yarn. I have also ordered a custom-sized zipper for it already.

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