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The Art of Extrapolation

Decades ago, I was telling a co-worker how I had no creativity…and this was specific to my knitting.

Opening Up A Whole New World
She said absolutely enlightening to me in response.

She said, “Of course you do, you can do unbelievably creative things with computer programming and software…you could easily extrapolate your skills in that area to artistic endeavors like your knitting.”

First of all, she was exactly right about how creative I was with getting the most out of software or programming languages I worked with at the time. I could make our Human Resources/Payroll systems or Lotus 1-2-3 sing…much to the amazement of my bosses.

Second, by explaining that I could extrapolate those skills into other areas of my life created such a space of possibility…it was unfathomable where this new skill would take me. I have been able to use the tools of yarn and knitting and garment design and color to exhibit a lot of creativity over the last 20 years or so…her one comment was incredibly supportive and freeing more me.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I’ve finished the full body of the zippered cardigan, sewn in the zipper and sewn in the center panel sections.

Felted Tweed Cardigan 12-07-10

You’ll notice a couple of little knitted rags in the left part of the photo…those are the beginning remnants of the sleeves…so I’m moving right along.

I’ve also completed the crochet part of a pair of the lace spats for my nieces. I’ve started the second pair and hope to finish both pairs (with bows and snaps) by this coming weekend.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Joe (Knitguyla) commented about his recommended facial care regimen, “…just remember, what’s taken years to create will not be corrected in days!”

Oh sure…NOW you tell me. Actually I love the Epicuren product line so far. The cleanser and the enzyme toner are my favorites of the four items…they already have made a difference…I’m hoping the two moisturizing products will start showing somewhat soon.

KyleWilliam writes, “I wish Joe would recommend a facial regimen for me!”

Would this be an appropriate Men’s Knitting Retreat workshop?!?!

Finally, Jean Miles asks, “Have you seen the article in the current Interweave Knits about KNITTING in a zipper?”

No…I can’t imagine it would be easier or more stable than machine sewing…so even if I knew the technique, I doubt I’d use it.

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