Nico 11-22-12

It’s Good To Be Known as “The Knitter”

Especially around Christmas when you know a lot of friends and family that go to tag sales, flea markets and garage sales.

It Was A Very Knitty Christmas
I’m not sure where they found all this good stuff, but my sister-out-of-law and her next-door neighbor both came up with some great knitting loot as gifts for me for Christmas.

Then neighbor came up with this amazing set of knitting needles in a hand-made/quilted case.

Knitting Needles Needle Gauge Size Chart

This set of needles clearly came from someone who was serious about their knitting.

Then from the sister-out-of-law, I got this stack of knitting books (none of which I have in my collection…until now!).

Knitting Books Xmas

I’m particularly happy to have a copy of “Fancy Feet” by Anna Zilboorg.

She also gave me a complete set of the Boye Knitmaster needles.

Boye Knitmaster

The set has ten different pairs of needles from size US5 to US15 and multiple cable sizes with connectors to make them even longer when needed.

Yes, it’s good to be known as “the knitter”…especially around Christmas.

Christmas Knitting
I was able to finish a couple of knitted gifts in time for Christmas.

You’ve already seen the crochet lace spats for my niece Jacqui, but I also finished a pair of socks for another niece, Lily Bee.


Like most six year old children, she’s not overly thrilled with the socks, but I hope she enjoys then anyway. I loved how they turned out, and this little girl is one the most delightful kids…personally, I blame the parents.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish the last Christmas gift in time to give them (also to Jacqui)…but they’re finished now.

Jacqui is a dancer and has been begging me for leg-warmers. I finally came up with what I call “Surprise Leg Warmers.”

They look rather plain and like simple ribbed sock cuffs, until you put them on and realize they have a pattern of lacy holes that makes them look kind of cool when worn. Those will go in the mail tomorrow.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Friend Leslie (Bagatelle) writes about the Lily Bee socks, “What is that sock yarn? I love the color combo and have a great shirt to wear them with. Please tell!”

They yarn is from Knit One Crochet Too and it’s called Ty-Dy Socks. The colorway is Magenta Moss #1574.

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