White Earbuds

Earbud Envy

As a recent convert to my first Apple product (see below), for years, I envied the cool-ass people I’d see sporting those bright white earbuds.

Such a Disappointment!
I got a brandy-new iPhone 4 last week, and I quite like it. But the biggest disappointment was when I finally plugged in ever-famous white earbuds, and put them in my ears.

I guess I just figured that since iPhones and iPods were such cool little gadgets, that the earphones that came with them had to be equally as cool. Especially when all the cool people wore them…right?

I was so wrong.

The “bud” part seems WAY too big for my ear-hole and hurt my ear when I wear them. The sound isn’t great. And the damn-blasted things keep falling out!

I ended up buying a rather expensive set of non-Apple earphones (Jamz earphones) that work MUCH better.

Current Knitting
I was thrilled to be able to get to test knit Kyle’s latest hat pattern – “Cause”.

It’s a great little hat (I love the top shaping) with stranded-knitting ribbons around the circumference of the hat. Plus he’s donating part of the proceeds of the sale of the pattern to cancer research.

Support Kyle if you can…he’s an amazingly creative guy who will most definitely become a shining start in the knit-design world soon.

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