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Political Opinion – Ignore at Will

The Republicans did very well during the last U.S. elections in November, mainly because the U.S. electorate thought they could do things that would help the economy and generate jobs.

Ignore the Will of the People
So, instead of working on stimulus packages, or bills that will reduce spending, what do the Republicans deem important?

Repealing the recently passed health care bill. Passing bills that will restrict American’s access to abortion. Demanding a review of same-sex marriage laws in the District of Columbia.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how these efforts will do anything to elevate our economy or create jobs.

Now, perhaps I should be happy that the Republicans are focusing on their personal agendas rather than the economy, since they seem to screw up the economy more by their methods for helping the rich get richer, but I’m amazed again at on simple thing…

Yo, Tea Party…where’s the outrage now?

Current Knitting
Having pretty much finished the zippered cardigan, I decided I needed to pick up something to start knitting, and I didn’t have much time this past weekend to plan anything complex to start taking with me on work travel.

I opted to start a sock…perfectly portable, and requires little forethought and planning.

Skacel Sock 01-26-11

I’m using two Skacel yarns, Trekking XXL (the orange-y toe) and Jojoba (the main green color yarn).

I did a figure-8 cast-on during take-off this past Sunday, and the women next to me was fascinated. I pretended not to notice that she was staring at me casting on and knitting, but I could see that she couldn’t take her eyes off it out of the corner of my eye.

She did finally ask what I was making and we chatted a bit about her trying knitting, but just never was very good at it.

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