Broken Gaydar

I’ve found that since I reached the age of 50 that my gaydar no longer functions.

Transitioning to “Aged Homosexual”
I’ve realized that gaydar is mostly just sending out a furtive glance to someone you think/hope might be gay, and if the glance bounces back off the target in a specific way (a returned furtive glance, perhaps slightly magnified), then the gaydar starts bleeping.

But I’ve realized now that I’ve gotten older, that the power of a furtive glance from me, has a lot less chance of being bounced back with similar interest anymore.

I’ve always known that youth and looks are important in much of gay culture, so it’s no surprise that I’m transitioning into the mature, settled time of a gay man’s life, where I recognize the wild, raucous times are over (a fact I’m quite happy about), and I’m settling into a much more comfortable and relaxed period of my gayness.

Current Knitting
Despite the lack of frenetic activity associated with age-progression in the gay world, my work world has been ridiculously crazy lately, including very little time at home on the “weekends”. As such, I’ve accomplished very little progress on my current knitting project.

Skacel Sock 01-31-11

And of course I’m at the point on the sock that I like the least…ribbing.

I also did get some spinning done this weekend (about as much spinning as knitting), but I didn’t a photo would be necessary.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Crystal writes, “Those socks are looking yummy already. Are you working from a pattern?”

No…it’s a combination of techniques, but not a pattern. I used the figure-eight cast-on for a toe-up sock, and I used a modified version of the Andersson heel. Both of these techniques can be googled. That’s what I like about knitting socks…once you understand the basic structure of a knitted socks, you can mix and match techniques to get a sock you like best.

Brad Fallon writes, “I really like knitting too but it seems I cannot follow the pattern very well. I’m not really satisfied with my finish work. Can you give me tips on how it is properly done? I can see you have done a good job with yours. Maybe I just need more practice and knit more often.”

Most folks realize early on that there is very little to learn about actual knitting…casting on, knitting, purling, casting off…with varying combinations of each. But it takes a while to be able to understand pattern instructions and also how to best finish a garment. I highly recommend joining some kind of knitting community. While you can google any of your knitting questions and get videos of how to do almost anything, it still helps to have someone show you.

That’s the best advice I can give.

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