Driving Myself To The Airport at 4-30 am

Airport Blogging

I’ve Twittered and Facebooked from both an airport and a plane, but I’ve never blogged from either before. I sit in Minneapolis airport typing this blog entry as a QueerJoe first.

Terrifying Options
With wireless internet access available in so many places, using lace of access as an excuse for not working is getting more and more difficult.

Now the Electronic Leash (aka, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) has become more like one of those electric dog fences…invisible, but allowing employers to demand more and more of you.

Add to that the ability to make calls over the internet, and next thing you know, folks will be having phone conversations right next to you on a plane.

Absolutely terrifying.

Current Knitting
Long work days have put a big dent in my knitting time, and the first leg of my flight today that brought me to Minneapolis, I frittered away good knitting time having a fascinating conversation with the equivalent of a District Attorney from Edmonton. The conversation was worth paying close attention to.

However, I am almost finished with the buttoned neck warmer I’m knitting.

Malabrigo Neckwarmer 02-17-11

The Malabrigo shows off the fisherman’s rib stitch pattern very well, and the back of the fabric is incredibly soft, so it will be a comfortable wear as well.

A few more hours, and I’ll be home, and hopefully I’ll have finished turning the heel on my latest sock project.

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