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It’s always most gratifying when my my friends have successes in their lives, so I’m thrilled to write today’s blog entry.

Barb Brown’s New Book is AMAZING!

Knitting Knee Highs 
I don’t know how my friend Carol of “Go Knit In Your Hat” does her “No Bull Book Reviews.” I used to be able to critique books or magazines or designers with great fervor, especially when I could point out something particularly garish. But having met a number of these designers, and stepped into their shoes by designing a little bit myself, I can’t seem to do that anymore…minimally, I see the incredible effort that went into their work.

Fortunately, I don’t have to struggle with coming up with accolades on this latest review, especially since the author has been a long-time reader of this blog.

Knitting Knee Highs by Barb Brown is going to quickly become the go-to book for anyone who enjoys knitting socks, or wants to start.

If you never wanted to knit socks ever…don’t buy this book…you will be sorely tempted.

For newcomers to the sock knitting world, she provides a very straightforward recipe for knee high socks and then describes in a simple, but clear way how to adapt the basic structure to all types of other socks or leg-warmers.

For the experienced sock-knitter, this book is abundant with inspiration. I will definitely be using color designs such as the sole of the Both Sides Now Knee High.

Birdwalker Knee Highs

I will also be definitely making some version of Barb’s Birdwalk Legwarmers and Celeigh Socks.

Celeigh Socks

The book is very well written, and Barb shows off her talent for mixing colors in a very appealing way. The photographs in this book are just beautiful as well.

This book will quickly become the classic sock-knitting book.

My sincere thanks to Barb for publishing a book that was so easy to rave about.

Current Knitting
I finished the knitting portion of the buttoned neck-warmer (kind of).

Malabrigo Neckwarmer 02-21-11

I’m thinking I will do a crochet edging around the entire rectangle to give the neck-warmer a bit more structure.

I also did finish turning the heel on the latest pair or socks, and I’m less than an inch into the ribbing for the cuff. I’ll provide photos in the next blog entry.

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