Get a Free Hoveround!!!

Well, not exactly free…and neither is that new fancy blood sugar meter to monitor your diabetes.

There is No Free Lunch
I can’t stand the television advertisements that sell shit which bilks the public for millions of their Medicare dollars.

Each and every person that gets approved for a “free” Hoveround costs their children and grandchildren about $2,000 of dollars in shared Medicare premiums. If it really was free, no one would need to pay for it, including Medicare, but we all pay for them while the manufacturers get rich.

Being an intelligent healthcare consumer is critical in this day and age. During a time when the bankruptcy of Medicare is imminent, people really need to see the effect of unnecessary purchases and not be enticed by a smiling grandmother gliding through the park with her grandchildren.

Current Crocheting
I’ve gotten a bit more done on crochet baby blanket.

I seriously fear that I won’t have enough of the purple/blue yarn to finish this blanket. I’m thinking I’ll need to add a third color to the design and re-start this blanket from the beginning. I’ll know for certain soon enough!

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