A Special Year

Does anyone know why this should be a special birthday and year for me?

QueerJoe Trivia
I can’t imagine anyone would actually remember this little OCD tidbit factoid about me. But a while ago, in an obscure blog entry, I wrote about numerology, and how I consider the numerological 7 to be a good omen for me.

For those of you who don’t know anything about numerology, you basically take any number, or date…or in this case age, and add up all the digits. If the resulting sum is more than one digit, you add up all those digits, and continue to do that until the sum is a one digit number. So, for instance, if you take my birthday, it would result in a numerological 5:

04/04/1959 – 0+4+0+4+1+9+5+9 = 32 and 3+2=5

Most numerologists (are there such people?) would say that numerological 5’s should be more lucky for me, but I’ve always felt luckier with 7’s.

Since today I’m 52 years old, I consider this to be a lucky year.

Crazy I know, but I guess it’s no crazier than some of the religious mysticism that I grew up with.

So, I celebrate my birthday so far by having a quad-shot, grande, soy latte in the Minneapolis airport, halfway en route back up to Edmonton today.

We’ll see what else the day brings.

Current Crochet/Knitting
So, I finished the crocheted main section of the blue, green and red baby blanket, and I’ve tried three different edgings on it so far, and I hate them all. In fact, I don’t really like the blanket very much at all.

I need to either come up with an edging that makes the blanket a decent size and makes it look interesting, or I may just rip it out and do something completely different.

I did pick up the other knitted baby blanket and did some additional work on that.

Asherton Baby Blanket 04-04-11

I’m liking this blanket quite a bit, but find that working on three colors on a plane can be cumbersome. Two weeks ago, I dropped a ball of yarn at the end of the moving walkway in the Minneapolis airport and it dragged behind me for about 10 feet before someone got my attention to pick it up.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
NC Knitter Beaer writes, “Well, I liked the previous blanket. And I like this one. Which does Nico prefer?”

He’s indifferent to both…and he hasn’t weighed in too strongly on the knit one either. Fickle cat…we sometimes call him Nicolas and when he gets like this, we call him Fickolas.

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