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Can they really trust what will come out of my mouth during a live interview about knitting?

Listen In!
Well, it turns out that the Radio Show, “Quest of Life” will be doing a live interview with me, Ted and WonderMike about the men’s knitting retreat, knitting and other related topics.

“Quest of Life” is a radio show broadcast each Friday at noon on RPI radio station in Troy, New York. The show is co-hosted by Harry Faddis and a good friend of mine, Stephen Sims. Harry is part of the staff of Easton Mountain, where we host the annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat. And Stephen is a friend I met while I was working up in the Albany, NY area for a number of years. Harry handles the interviews, and Stephen handles the music.

The show is streamed live each week, and also recorded and stored as a downloadable podcast, so even if you live in New Zealand, you can still get to hear three of the men’s knitting retreat coordinators talk about the retreat, knitting and life in general.

Current Knitting
With all the preparations for the upcoming retreat and the craziness at work, I haven’t had a lot of time to knit. Even my plane time is used for mostly catching up on sleep!

I have however almost completed the main body of the Asherton Baby Blanket.

Asherton Baby Blanket 05-09-11

Once I finish up the last row of blocks, I’ll knit a simple garter stitch border, using different colors of yarn.

The blanket so far has turned out soft, warm, beautiful, machine washable, and reversible. I couldn’t think of anything else I’d want built in to a baby blanket.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Thanks everyone for their comments on the crochet baby blanket edging.

I’ve decided that Thaddeus is right (hard to type those words again!), and I will use the plain/non-shell edging on the blanket. For the most part, that just means ripping out what I did, weaving in ends and washing/blocking the blanket.

I should be able to get it done in time for show & tell at the Men’s Knitting Retreat next week.

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