WRPI Green Room with Ted and WonderMike

My First Green Room Experience

Who would have believed that a college radio station in Troy, New York would have had a green room, where Ted, WonderMike and I waited nervously for our live radio interview.


The Last 2011 Retreat Entry
Yes, we were interviewed by Harry Faddis, co-host with my friend Stephen Sims on The Quest of Life.

MSKR 2011 Harry Stephen
Harry Faddis and Stephen Sims – Hosts of Quest of Life on WRPI Radio

Current Knitting
Listen in, to hear the interview…I have to do the same, since I hardly heard a word I said since I was a bit nervous. It was live after all, and you know what a potty mouth I can be!

I finished the first of four sides of the lace baby blanket from Heirloom Knitting, and I haven’t quite gotten to the heel on the Austermann Step socks I’m knitting.

I’ll update later with photos of both.  Go listen!

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