Being Connected

Whether trying to find a job, or vying for the nicer fleeces from a herd of sheep, it’s always good to be well-connected.

How Connected Are You?
Overall, I don’t consider myself very well networked in many areas of my life.

If I had to do a job search, for instance, I would have to scramble a bit to reach out to folks I have worked with in the past to see if they knew of anything available. Using standard channels of job search, such as Monster don’t seem to be overly effective when searching for a very specific position such as the type of job I would normally look for.

All that being said, I was incredibly surprised when a knitting friend contacted me to let me know that he had over a pound of fine merino top that he thought I might be able to use. It was also unexpected when an old neighbor from my grade school days contacted me to see if I was interested in getting his mom’s knitting stash, since he heard that I was a knitter. And then, someone at my local flea market let me know that he had a couple of needlepoint books he thought I might be interested in (I wasn’t, but I appreciated that he was looking out for me).

Suffice it to say, I was extremely glad to feel connected in a knitting kind of way.

Current Knitting
I mentioned in my radio post on Friday (did you listen to the interview?…I thought it was very good) that I had made progress on both my two current knitting projects.

On the Austermann Step sock, I did finish turning the heel on the first sock (using a short-row heel), and I’m made my way up to the ribbing on the ankle.

Step Sock 06-13-11

I also wound off the ball of yarn and counted the total number of stripes in this 100 gram ball of yarn. I figured I could be precise as possible with using exactly half of the yarn on the first sock by knitting half the stripes..

I also finished the first side of the square Heirloom Knitting baby blanket and started the second side.

Heirloom Baby Blanket 06-13-11

It’s difficult to imagine that the second side (the knitting at the top of the photo) is 13 rows of knitting. I find this kind of knitting the most interesting of almost anything else I knit, and given the number of stitches I knit on this kind of project, it goes faster than most.

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