MSKR2010 Spindling

You Will Be Aspinnerated!

Two new words came out of the most recent retreat (although I’m sure other groups have used them before us):

Aspinnerated – To become a spinner despite protestation of not wanting to ever spin (the combination of assimilated and spinner)

Lambkin – A first-time attendee of the retreats

Phil Meets Both Those Criteria
On of our members this year was both a newbie to the retreats and was aspinnerated as well.

Phil Spinner

Phil had some initial reservations about what the retreats were about, and we exchanged a few e-mails where he was satisfied that the retreat was something he would enjoy doing. Once there, he jumped into the community with passion, and helped make the event as amazing as it was.

He also got bit by the spinning bug. Just a few lessons and a door prize from Mindy at Puff The Magic Rabbit, and he was off. In fact, he’s been in correspondence with Mindy, and she is sending him a photo of the goat that donated the prize he won (well, technically Mindy donated the prize…but the goat grew it!).

Mindy has always been a strong supporter of the retreats, both emotionally supportive as well as through her donations of fiber to the retreat.  Her fiber is enough to aspinnerate anyone who’s even considering taking up spinning.

Place an order for some of her Buttercup Meadow fiber or Fluff’s Pumpkin Pie roving.

Ask Phil…you’ll never be the same after.

Plus, the thing I love about ordering from people like Mindy, is that in addition to supporting an incredibly talented independent fiber vendor, you also help support the retreats.

Current Knitting

Step Sock 06-16-11 Ribbing

Well, I’ve never been exceedingly fast at knitting ribbing, and that’s what I’ve been working on during the few minutes each night I have to knit before passing out.

Step Sock 06-16-11

Hopefully I’ll get a bit more done on my flights home tonight.

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