Iguana and Monkey

Time of The Monkey/Night of The Iguana

Have you ever had the experience with people find you more attractive than usual?  You know, you’re walking down the street, or checking out at the grocery store, and folks just give you that look that says, “Damn, you’re looking fine!”

Proper Terminology
During this time of unusually strong attractiveness to others, there’s usually one brief period of less than a day, where your attractiveness peaks, and people look at you with impure thoughts on their mind and you could clearly get laid with no problem whatsoever.

A friend of mine has told me about his gay friend’s term for these cycles in life:

“Time of the Monkey” – The period of time, usually lasting 1-3 days when folks find you more attractive than usual, but wouldn’t go out of their way to jump your bones unless you initiated it.

“Night of the Iguana” – A shorter period (usually a few hours) sometime during the Time of the Monkey, where people find you significantly more appealing, and clearly see you as a desirable sex partner.

I only mention this because I’m clearly now in the Time of the Monkey myself.

Current Knitting/Shopping
We’re in a very busy period of work at the moment, requiring me to work through this past weekend, so knitting time has been rare.  I’m still working on the Austermann Step sock, but have no photos to present to you.

I did however get the opportunity to visit a local Edmonton yarn store, Urban Knitters.

The store is located on Gateway Boulevard in Edmonton, Alberta, and I’ve seen the store each time I take a taxi from the airport into the officer downtown.  I was glad to finally get there.

Owner Valerie, could not have been nicer, telling me the general philosophy of the store (natural fibres, high-end designs by both her and professional designers) and telling me about her background in textile design.  It shows in her designs and store aesthetic.  I meant to take a photo of it, but she has this great window display, a long, extremely large gauge,  garter stitch fabric on huge needles hanging from the ceiling…in a subtle highlighter yellow color.

I ended up purchasing some Kureyon Sock, and some other very nice yarn, but I forget what I bought a the moment.

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