Transatlantic 07-31-11-2

Back To Work

I hate noting that I’m going on vacation in my blog, because it generates an enormous amount of comment-spam.

Can you imagine someone has actually programmed some application that searches for the word vacation in blogs and posts advertisements in the comments? I guess they figure that you won’t be home to delete them or mark them as spam.

Anyway, after the Men’s Rocky Mountain Retreat, Thaddeus and I headed up to Martha’s Vineyard to spend a week with his sister, brother-in-law and niece. It was a perfect vacation of resting and eating in a perfect location.

MV2011 View

This view from their porch never gets old for me.

MV2011 Joe on Ferry

Suffice it to say, I felt very relaxed.

I also wanted to post some additional photos from the Men’s Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat…specifically the tour we got to go on of the Schacht Spindle factory. It was very nice and cool to watch how these complex machines get made.

Current Knitting
I decided I didn’t want to bring something as complex as lace up to the beach, so I opted instead to do the Transatlantic neck scarf by Stephen West.  I ended up finishing it this weekend.

Transatlantic 07-31-11

This is a great pattern and can be ordered on Ravelry as a single pattern or part of WestKnits 2.  I love a lot of his patterns in WestKnits 2, so I bought the book.

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