Happy Birthday to My Little Sister!

It’s unfathomable that Andie (Andrea), the youngest sibling in my family has just turned 45.

She’s As Amazing As She Looks
Mother of 3, wife of 1, the woman has got it all. She’s also known as the favorite child of my mom’s, but my mom denies it. We all know better.

She’s a Reiki master, so feel free to send her some if you know how.

My favorite story about Andie from her childhood took place when she was about five.

Andie was the last of seven children, and while the rest of us were all born within a year or two of each other, Andie was born five years after her next older brother. When she was five, some of the older boys were teasing her and telling her she was an accident because she was born so late. We got her in a bit of a frenzy, so she finally went crying to my mom and asked her if she was an accident. My mom turned to all of us and said, “What do you mean…you were all accidents.”

Nothing but honesty from a good Irish Catholic woman, and for some reason, the honest answer seemed to appease Andie (and the rest of us).

Current Knitting
I’ve had very little opportunity to knit since the weekend. Work is beyond hectic and I’m struggling just to get in enough time for sleeping and eating.

I did however begin a new sock project using some of the amazing sock yarn designed and dyed by a Colorado indie dyer, who goes by the pseudonym Skeindalous. This yarn was designed based on a photo I had on my blog of the Colorado Rockies back when I first signed up for the Rocky Mountain Retreat. She actually named it after me using the color name Rocky Mountain Joe (or something like that).

Skeindelous Sock 08-11-11

Her colors are truly amazing and the yarn is quite wonderful to work with. I will definitely be ordering more from her.

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