Am I a Ridiculous Cliche?

Don’t you think it’s necessary to ask yourself this question every once in a while? Unless of course you’re okay with being a ridiculous cliche.  

Am I the Carrie Bradshaw of Knit Bloggers?
I was sitting next to a young woman on the plane yesterday and was watching her type on her iPad what appeared to be a personal journal or a blog entry or dog forbid, an article for publication.

First of all, I know I shouldn’t have been reading this private writing, but it really was like a train wreck that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

She started out ruminating about how she always knew she wanted a family and a house, but in her mind, the dream was to have all the husband and picket fence-like items too. She also wrote how she had destroyed that dream by having to raise her now 3 year old son by herself and she had another one on the way with no apparent husband.

I’m assuming it was some sort of immaculate conception.

She also wrote about how she love her son and he was the greatest thing that ever happened to her, and she couldn’t imagine how she would be able to love the in-the-womb-daughter-to-be in anywhere near the same way. She also noted how her son drove her crazy sometimes.

She wrote in an incredibly sophomoric, idealistic way about all this, reminding me very much of the voice-over of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw as she typed her supposed articles of personal interest for her employer. Just like the Carrie Bradshaw articles, I found this young woman’s journal/blog/article to be way too precious and contrived and pretentious and twee and self-centered and…well, you get the idea.

And then I thought perhaps some of my blog entries had many of the same qualities.

To be clear, I am not okay with being a ridiculous cliche, so I worked really hard on writing this blog entry.  

Current Knitting/Spinning
Lots going on in my knitting world, although you’d never know if from my frequency of blogging lately.

First, I’ve done some additional work on the lace baby blanket from Heirloom Knitting, using Ted’s handspun lace yarn.

Heirloom Baby Blanket 09-20-11

I’ve never done a project like this where you knit the outer sections first, and pick up stitches on each side as you knit up the center panel. The subtle color variations in Ted’s handspun is looking quite nice…almost like orange sherbet.

I’ve also started working on a funky fringe-like scarf.

Shaggy Scarf 09-20-11

I’m not sure I’ll like the result, but it’s enjoyable to knit, and if it turns out like I hope, I’ll post particulars on how I made it in case others are interested.

I also started another project based on the viral YouTube video of a women obsessed with puffy hexagons that she’s putting together in a blanket. I think it’s called the beehive blanket…I refuse to post the video, but I actually liked the idea of what she was making, so I’ve started my own. I don’t know how she’s making hers, but I’ve come up with my own way. I’ll post photos and an explanation of how I make mine once I’ve got enough hexagons knit up and put together to make it look like something.

Finally, I also got a bit of spinning done this past weekend.

Merino Top 09-20-11

I still have a long way to go on the second bobbin of singles, but I’m really looking forward to plying and using this yarn. I’m considering whether to try dyeing it myself or perhaps paying one of the amazing independent dyers I know to do it for me.

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