Practical Joke

Spicing Up My Work Life

I like practical jokes, especially when they’re particularly clever.  And especially when they’re played on someone that thinks they’re immune to them.

Timing Is Everything
Years ago, I worked with a young woman in New York City, Cindy, and she considered herself quite the sophisticate.  She and I worked a lot with a group of expatriate employees that worked for the U.S. offices of the bank, but were working out of one of our overseas offices.

One day, she was being all snooty, so, out of the blue, I asked her if when she sent out a recent memo to her group of expatriates whether she had cc’ed the expatriates’ spice.  The conversation then went like this:

She said, “Spice?!?!…don’t you mean spouses?”
With a sarcastic tone, I replied, “You really think the plural of spouse is ‘spouses’?”
“It IS.” She responded emphatically.
I laughed derisively at her and as luck would have it, Donna, a really straight-laced coworker of ours was walking by, and I said, “Donna, what’s the plural of spouse?”

Without batting an eyelash, Donna says with a rather patronizing tone, as if any child knows this answer…”Spice.”

I could have kissed her, because for the next hour, or so, Cindy was aghast that she had mistakenly believed that spouses was the plural of spouse.

When she finally called her father to tell him how bizarre it was that she had it wrong all these years, and he corrected her, she was a lot less snooty.  At least for the day.

So, what’s your favorite practical joke that either you’ve played, or someone has played on you?

Current Knitting
I didn’t bring any of the current knitting with me to Edmonton, so I only worked a bit on the long-standing sock project.

Skeindelous Sock 12-04-11

At least I was able to finally turn the heel.  I have a four hour trip today, so I’ll try and get some knitting done.

I also got to wear the new cowl a couple of times this past week in Edmonton (it hasn’t been REALLY cold yet), and it kept me nice and toasty.  I really love how it came out.

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