Merino Top 12-18-11

2011 – A Year of Completion

Well, at least it will be a year of fiber completion for me by the time the end of the year rolls around.

Checking Off The List
With Christmas presents all purchased, and the crochet/knitting project my sister asked me to do for her kids all done.  I’m working on finishing up a couple more projects before the end of the year.

It’s incredibly satisfying to have mailed off the niece/nephew project (I’ll post a photo after the new year), and having finished all the Christmas shopping makes for a much more serene time off from work between now and the New Year.  Just a couple more items to check off on the 2011 to-do list, and I will feel quite accomplished for the year.

The crochet projects are complete (although all of the items were partially crochet, and partially knit), and they are safely in the mail on their way to my sister.  Overall, they came out well, although they definitely wouldn’t have been projects I would have selected.

I’m also working on trying to finish spinning up the singles for the Optim Merino from Australia.

Merino Top 12-18-11

I should be able to get it all done by the end of the year, and hopefully I’ll be able to ply it up as well.  While I still have no idea what I’ll do with the resulting yarn, I know I will be happy with the result.

The socks project I’m working on with yarn from Skeindelous is moving along well, and I will also try and get that finished before the end of the year, although, there’s no urgency on finishing them.

Finally, I started a new project, that I’m hoping to have finished by Christmas, but I’m not sure if it will be.

Nephew Cardigan 12-18-11 Close

This is the beginning of a cardigan that will be a kind of surprise gift…I hope.   I quite a bit of work to do on it before Christmas, but it’s a man’s small, so I’m hopeful it will move along pretty quickly.  I’m not a fast knitter, but I knit a lot.  Wish me luck!

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