Kraft Peanut Butter copy

Accustomed To Customs

Traveling between Canada and the United States on a weekly basis gets you used to the scrutiny of TSA and Customs & Immigration for both countries.

What’s A Gel?
Did you realize peanut butter is considered a gel or paste, and you can’t carry more than 4 ounces of it through TSA security (unless, of course it’s digesting whilst you carry it).

Yes, so I find myself lowered to having to be a mule for Kraft Extra Creamy Peanut Butter.

Kraft Peanut Butter copy

It’s a product of Canada, that isn’t produced in the United States, and as I’ve mentioned before, it’s far superior to any commercial peanut butter in the states.  I ended up checking my suitcase this past trip home so that I could get this product safely home.

Five kilos should last me a few months.

Progress Report – Current Knitting/Spinning
My sister is in receipt of all three items I crochet/knit for her and she’s pleased.  When  you finally see the non-traditional version of the one I finished for her daughter (my niece), please do not blame me.  They weren’t colors/textures/sequins/yarn I would have chosen (although, truth be told, I did choose a number of the yarns, but only under specific restrictions.

Regardless, she’s happy, so I’m happy and I’ll have photos after Christmas.

I have made some additional progress on the spinning as well.

Merino Top 12-20-11

You’ll note, I only have a few valleys of singles to fill in, and I should be able to accomplish this before the end of the year.

Finally, the cardigan I started this week is moving along swimmingly.

Nephew Cardigan 12-20-11

I’m almost to the neck/shoulder shaping (about 22 inches of knitting is shown here).  I’m somewhat following a Martin Storey pattern from the book Knitting For Him.  Mostly, I’m stealing the idea of a contrasting color between the ribbing color and the main body color, which looks great in Martin’s version, even though he uses black as that separating color.  I’m usually not a big fan of black as a blending color, but it works on his version.

Nephew Cardigan Martin Storeys

I also can’t imagine why he didn’t put the black on the pockets and possibly even on the button band.  I’m pretty certain I will modify this on my version.

Think I’ll be able to finish this by Christmas?  I hope so!

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