Nephew Cardigan 12-27-11

Christmas Gift Fail

Okay…so I decided I needed to focus only on the cardigan for my nephew in the days before Christmas, or I would never get it done.  It turned out to be futile.

The Moment of Realization
It occurred to me three days before Christmas, when I still had the rest of the right/front, two sleeves, a small pocket edging and a button-band to finish, that I wouldn’t be able to give this cardigan as a Christmas gift while my nephew was here.

But I never stopped trying.

Nephew Cardigan 12-27-11

Nephew Cardigan 12-27-11 Pocket Edge

This shows that I’ve been able to finish the front and I have about 30 more rows on both sleeves before they’re finished.  I also did add the contrasting color to the pocket edging, which I think looks quite fine.  I’m pretty certain I’ll finish it before the new year.

During that knitting time, I completely ignored the spinning, so I’ve made no progress on that.

Oh well, I tried.

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