Koigu Linen Scarf 01-11-12

2011 Blog Results

There’s really on one result last year for my blog.

66 Meager Posts
Yes, in 365 days last year, I was only able to post blog entries on 66 of those days.  All the other results are affected by this.  Readership, number of other sites linking to mine, google hits, number of comments, etc., etc., etc.

Regardless, the blog results last year were pathetic, and I’m trying to make sure that I put a lot more effort goes into QueerJoe this year.

Even if I only post a short entry (like today’s).

Current Knitting
With the completion of the nephew cardigan, I started a new project (instead of going back to works in progress, like the Hexapuff blanket).

Koigu Linen Scarf 01-11-12

Can you guess what it is?  If you followed me on Pinterest, you’d know.

Actually, I was knitting in the newly remodeled Courtyard Marriott room, and I just liked all the colors of the little tableau, so I took a photo.

Here’s a close up of what I’m making (if it helps).

Koigu Linen Scarf 01-14-12

Stay tuned if you see something promising developing here.

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