Not My Job

Work Ethic

Throughout my working life, I have often been surprised when someone else’s reason for working is different than mine.

Not My Job
One of my least favorite expressions is “Not my job.”  Saying that to a boss is telling the boss that they’re mistaken and you won’t be doing what they asked.  Saying it to a customer is just downright lazy and bad customer service.  Saying it to a co-worker, usually is a way of expressing disdain or disrespect.

Either do what’s requested of you, or find some other way of replying;
“Let me find someone that can help you with that.”
“I’m not sure I can help you with that, do you mind waiting while I find Nick?  He’s the expert.”
“I’m sorry, the only person that can help you with that is out right now.  Can I have them contact you?”
“That role has been re-assigned to Julie, but I’d be glad to help out if she’s not around.”
“Jason’s the person you need to speak to about that.  Do you have his number?”

A helpful attitude, even if faked, is always better than “Not my job.”

Current Knitting
For those of you who couldn’t find me on Pinterest, my current project is going to be a Linen Stitch scarf made with multiple colorways of Koigu KPPPPPPM (you can NEVER have too many P’s).

Koigu Linen Scarf 01-14-12

The scarf is knit lengthwise on hundreds and hundreds of stitches, changing colorways any time you feel like it.

I love the way the Linen Stitch blends all the colors in each Koigu colorway, and even in areas where the colors pool a little, they never do it too much to create a blotchy colored fabric.  I also love how different sections of the scarf can look so different based on how the colors change in the yarn.

Koigu Linen Scarf 01-14-12 Close 2

Normally, Koigu takes a US3 (3.25 mm) needle and I’ve gone up to a US4 (3.5 mm).  I kind of wish I had gone up to a US5 (3.75 mm), but I’m not going to rip it all out now.


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