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There’s not many opportunities I have to experience intimacy with a group of guys that isn’t intensely sexualized.  The annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat is one of those rare chances.

Registration and Scholarships
We recently opened registration for the 2012 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat and we already have over 30 guys who have registered.  If any guys are considering attending, we will be taking registrations until the end of April or until we reach 45 registrations.  Registrations are being take on the official registration web site, so tell all your friends.

We have also opened up nominations for full scholarships to the retreat, so if you know someone that would like to attend (or would like to attend yourself) and can make the dates of the retreat, feel free to nominate him (or yourself).  The scholarship will pay for the full cost of the retreat (except for personal purchases of yarn on the road trip) and up to a $400 travel stipend if necessary.

Find all the details and nominate someone here.

Finally, if anyone would like to donate to the scholarship fund, you can do that here.

Current Knitting/Spinning
As I mentioned in the last blog post, I finished the Rocky Mountain socks from yarn we got from the amazing Skeindalous.  Here are the promised photos.

Skeindelous Socks On

For all my toe-up socks, I will use my version of the Andersson heel.  I’ve modified the increases and customized the numbers to my size sock, and I love it.  It requires no picking up of stitches and it fits a human heel better than short-row heels.

Skeindelous Socks Heel

Beautiful, no?

I also mentioned I finished the Optim Merino singles…here is the promised photo.

Merino Top Singles Finished

Hopefully this weekend, I’ll begin plying this yarn and then I can decide on what to do with it…dye it…knit it…crochet it…not sure yet.

Kitty Yarn Porn
It’s been a while since I posted a photo of Nico, and I captured this photo just today and thought it was perfect.

Nico with Possum

My other beautiful boy.

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