The Rich Men

A Selfish, Power-Hungry and Greedy World

I think if we could eliminated the above noted characteristics, the World would be just about perfect.

When Did “Christian” Start to Mean Self-Serving?
I always bristle when someone states they wish things were like they were back in the fifties.  Usually it’s the most rabid conservative so-called Christians who want back the power of being a majority.

The fifties had some terrible things happening in them…the threat of nuclear holocaust one the biggest fears of people of that age, race and integration issues, homosexuality was still a mental illness and the start of unrest in Vietnam that eventually brought the U.S. into an awful war.  But they also had a friendly, community-oriented feel (in general) that seemed to care about how others in their community were faring.

Today, the fierce competitiveness (for just about everything), the rabidly ambitious people trying to better only themselves and the amazing amount of large-scale corporate greed has led to a complete breakdown in any sense of community.  In fact, any organized ways suggested to help bring back a sense of community are often labeled socialism.

I personally think that this overall sense of greed and selfishness has become the most important issue affecting our lives today.

It certainly was the reason that Wall Street almost collapsed and the big banks had to be bailed out.  Even the war in Iraq I’m convinced was largely started to make sure companies like Haliburton could make their quarterly numbers.

There are obviously many exceptions to this greed and selfishness.  Panera Breads is a good example of this with their recent Panera Community Cafes.  But what we need is more than just glimmers of hope…we need a wave of people deciding that the well-being of their community is almost as important as their own well-being.

Current Knitting
I finally finished the Koigu Linen Stitch scarf…almost.

Koigu Linen Scarf Finished Hanging

I decided to do a sewn bind off, so the edging would be elastic and have the most possible chance of a nice soft ruffle.  Since the sewn bind-off requires quite a long stretch of yarn for so many stitches, I pulled off about 3 miles of yarn, and began binding off the 500 or so stitches.  I got up to here before I ran out of yarn:

Koigu Linen Scarf Finished Left

Fortunately, with a little gentle blocking the “gentle ruffle” will come out quite nice.

Koigu Linen Scarf Finished Ruffled

I’m also considering just “hemming” the ends and binding in the yarn ends when I sew it up.  I honestly don’t think the scarf lends itself to fringe.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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