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Angry Post

I fear I’m becoming a bitter, angry, old man who only complains about how much better things were in the good ole days.

Hoping To Have Some Impact
No one wants to read some whiny blog all the time, but I just have to write this.

Doesn’t it piss you off to see drivers in the cars around you texting while driving (badly)?

Some guy in Montreal is blogging or Facebooking (is that a verb?) about his dead girlfriend who crashed into the back of a truck whilst texting to him.  I obviously think his message is valid, but will it really help?

I don’t think there are many people that believe texting while driving is dangerous.  But I think many folks think, “What harm could a quick glimpse at my iPhone cause?”  But before you know it, you’re desperately struggling to add a triple-letter word on “Words With Friends” whilst navigating around pedestrians in the mall parking lot.

My suggestions:

  1. If you don’t use your cell phone while driving, keep it that way.
  2. If you lied to yourself about question 1, or if you must talk to people while driving, use a hands-free device.
  3. If you don’t read/text on your cell phone, keep it that way.
  4. If you lied to yourself about question 3, or you do read/text on your cell phone while driving, stop it (even a little), and if you’re so addicted to doing it that you can’t stop, find a fucking 12-step program or a rehab for it.

I don’t say this for your safety…I say it for mine and my family’s and friends’ safety.

Current Spinning and Crochet
I’ve plied up a lot more of the Optim Merino.

Merino Top 03-15-12

I’m almost up to a full bobbin-full of this lustrous yarn.  At this pace, I’m going to have to start coming up with ideas for what I’ll do with the yarn.

I’ve also made a bit of progress on the Kauni Spiral Square blanket.

Kauni Spiral Square 03-15-12

This is one of those projects that keeps me saying…just a little more until the yarn starts to turn orange.  It’s also an odd fabric…the outside edge always curls, but flattens out the moment it’s no longer on the outside.  I’m sure a simple edging will make it lie flat and blocking never hurts.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Katie writes “Do you have a link to the heal you use? I am a new sock knitter ( only been knitting 18 months total lol) I have made 2 pairs of ww socks one toe up and one top down. I prefer toe up and am working on my first sock weight yarn sock. I am having trouble with the tiny yarn and tiny needles doing the m1’s though. Any tips on that as well?”

Yarmando has a good recipe for the heel.  As for M1’s, I almost always do what a designer called an “Invisible Increase”.

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