Decisions Decisions

Decisions, Decisions!

Whether it’s what to knit next or who to marry or what to have for dinner, I’ve wondered for a long time how people make decisions.

Decisive or Passive?
Based on how opinionated I am, you’d think that I was a very decisive person, but you can ask Thaddeus…I’m not.  I would much rather have someone else make decisions for me.  I don’t care to decide on what restaurant we go to, or what movie we see or how much to tip the cab driver.  Most of my decisions are made by either doing what I did the last time in a similar situation (if the results weren’t disastrous) or letting someone else or circumstances decide for me.

I’m potentially looking at a somewhat large decision, and I have to admit, I’m relying on fate to come up with what I should do.

Perhaps not the best way to make decisions, but it’s worked out pretty well for me so far in my life.

Current Knitting and Spinning
A while ago, I was at Twist with my knitting retreat friend Kirk and his partner, and I bought a bunch of Zara merino yarn in four different colors (3 greens and 1 navy blue).

Since I never got around to storing this yarn in my knitting room, it stayed in the living room in a Twist bag.

Again, leaving the decision of my next knitting project to circumstances, I decided it would be my next project.  I opted to make a pullover (for Thaddeus or me) and I knew I was going to make random stripes.

Zara Pullover 04-12-12 Close

Since I didn’t want to do plain stripes, I opted to knit this sweater in the linen stitch, so the change from color to color has a blended look to it.

Honestly, not sure that I like the colors so much, but they’re not awful.

I also finally finished plying the last of the Optim Merino.

Merino Top Plying Finished

Now, I just have to wind it onto a hank and consider whether I’ll dye it.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Deborah asks, “How much yarn did you end up using for the blanket?  I think I see only one repeat, so is that just one ball (and what size ball– I see they come in different weights/yardage)?”

This is the fingering weight Kauni and I used on full ball (with VERY little left).  I think Kauni does come in other weights/yardages, but this is all I’ve ever seen in my local yarn store.

Mary-Helen writes, “I just thought of something I’ve never thought of before: how do you get married in the US if you don’t want a religious wedding? Is it City Hall? Or is there some other place that does civil ceremonies? And how common are they? Here is Aus far more people get married in gardens, parks and other places than do in churches now. Is it the same in the US?”

There are a number of civil servants who are able to marry people in the states.  Judges, county clerks, justices of the peace, etc.  I’m honestly not sure how common they are, or what the statistics are.  As for the venue for marriages, I don’t see a lot of couples marrying in gardens and parks, although “destination weddings” are becoming more and more popular (where the couple goes to a vacation spot, like Cancun or the Virgin Islands and gets married  in a hotel or outdoor pagoda…since guests have to pay their way to the vacation hotel, they’re usually smaller affairs).

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