Public knitting men

To All The Public Knitters

Do you knit in public?  What are some of the most common questions you hear, and how do you answer?

As A Man…
I’m not sure if the questions and/or answers are all that different between men and women who knit in public.  Here are some of my most common questions and answers:

  • Q.  What are you knitting?
  • A.  {obviously the answer is whatever I’m knitting…today, it would be a pullover}
  • Q.  How long have you been knitting
  • A.  Oh…for decades.
  • Q.  Is that knitting or crochet?
  • A.  {usually} Knitting
  • Q.  What kinds of things do you knit?
  • A.  Anything that can be knit…sweaters, scarves, gloves, blankets…you name it, I knit it (I almost never mention willy warmers).
  • Q.  That must be really relaxing. (not technically a question, but they always want to get a reply)
  • A.  Not really…I’m a very aggressive knitter…deadlines, must complete next row, etc.
  • Q.  Can you knit me a sweater?
  • A.  Sure, I’ll add you to my list.


  • Q.  Do they allow knitting needles on planes? (yes, the Knitlist isn’t the only place this question is asked)
  • A.  Yes, they’re no where near as dangerous as a sharp pencil.
  • Q.  Would you please stop that incessant click-clacking of knitting needles?
  • A.  I’d be glad to, as soon as you stop that incessant raspy practice you call mouth-breathing.

Current Knitting
I keep adding row after row of linen stitch, and while the different colored stripes are adding up, the piece doesn’t measure one millimeter more than it did the last time.

Zara Pullover 05-04-12

Readers’ Comments/Questions
Catherine writes, “‘…since Canada is still considered an international flight’ … Are you planning on that changing? Perhaps sharing military secrets of your country?”

No…I just keep hoping they’ll go back to just having to flash a driver’s license or some photo ID and we can just pass back an forth without any fanfare.  I mean really…how protective do our respective countries really need to be against each other?

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